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> Women's Specific Bike Sales & Close-Outs

Women's Specific Bike Sales & Close-Outs

201 Results
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Piranha Enchantment 12" - Women's
Piranha Enchantment 12" - Women's - 2012

Piranha kids bicycles are the perfect starter bikes for your little ones. With its easy pedal'n tires and training wheels your child will be tearing up the road in no-time. Features: -Sloping frame -Glossy deep padded imprinted seat -Steel wheels -Steel reinforced training wheel bracket -East… [more]

  Schwinn Starlet
Schwinn Starlet - 2014

SAVE 30%!!! [more]

Electra Cruiser 1 Ladies
Electra Cruiser 1 Ladies
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Simple at heart, Electra's Cruiser 1 Ladies lets you go anywhere in comfort. It features a classic Electra steel step-through frame, a plush seat, wide bars, quality wheels and treaded tires that are equally at home on pavement and dirt. Plus, with Electra's Flat Foot Technology, you can put your… [more]

  Fuji Women's Cape May
Fuji Women's Cape May - 2011

Fuji's Women's Cape May offers a luxuriously comfortable and delightfully fun ride with its natural upright seating position, wide handlebars, cush seat and plush balloon tires. Plus this cool cruiser has aluminum wheels for easier pedaling and a low-maintenance one-speed drivetrain and coaster… [more]

Schwinn Slik Chik - Women's
Schwinn Slik Chik - Women's - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! Schwinn's Slik Chik cruiser blends a modern look, amazing comfort, and simplicity to bring you a relaxing, fun ride. Its light, aluminum step-thru frame and easy-rolling balloon tires make navigating the streets a breeze, while the one-speed… [more]

  Schwinn Classic SS - Women's (g12)
Schwinn Classic SS - Women's (g12) - 2016

SAVE over 15%!!! Schwinn's Classic SS cruiser features stunning classic looks and is seriously simple to ride. Its smooth-riding steel frame and large balloon tires cruise easily across most any surface. You'll love the low-maintenance one-speed and… [more]

Del Sol Tradewind Step-Through (g31)
Del Sol Tradewind Step-Through (g31) - 2016

Del Sol's Tradewind is the simplistic sibling of the Shoreliner and is all you need for a worry-free ride through the neighborhood. The lightweight, aluminum frame won't rust and allows for easy pedaling, and the simple coaster brake is nice throwback to the bikes you might have grown up on.… [more]

  Fuji Cape May ST - Women's (h15)
Fuji Cape May ST - Women's (h15) - 2016

Fuji's Cape May ST is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy some fun. Fuji's lightweight aluminum frame and the aluminum wheels on wide tires make every ride easy. And the Cape May boasts a natural upright riding position for comfort and premium scenic viewing. You'll enjoy the easy on/off low… [more]

Fuji Captiva ST - Women's (h15)
Fuji Captiva ST - Women's (h15) - 2016

Enjoy your favorite roads, stay fit and have fun on Fuji's Captiva ST. Fuji's lightweight aluminum frame provides a nimble ride, while the steel fork smooths the road and the easy-rolling aluminum wheels get up to speed with ease. You'll also love the simple one-speed drivetrain and foot brake,… [more]

  Fuji Women's Nevada 4.0
Fuji Women's Nevada 4.0 - 2011

With Fuji's light, fast A1-SL aluminum frame and an 80mm-travel suspension fork, the Nevada 4.0 is ready for fun on road and off! This sweet dirt machine has an easy-pedaling 21-speed drivetrain to flatten the hills along with confidence-inspiring linear-pull brakes for control on the way down.… [more]

Fuji Barnebey 1 LS - Women's (h16)
Fuji Barnebey 1 LS - Women's (h16) - 2016

Fuji's Barnebey 1 LS is a pure cruiser that lets you enjoy a laid-back, comfortable feel wherever you go. Fuji's lightweight aluminum frame is made with feet-forward technology and a stable, low center of gravity that allows you to comfortably place your feet on the ground while seated for easy… [more]

  Fuji Crosstown 2.3 LS - Women's (h16)
Fuji Crosstown 2.3 LS - Women's (h16) - 2016

SAVE over 15%!!! Cruise to the coffee shop or simply step out for a fun ride down the bike path with the Fuji Crosstown 2.3 LS. The low-slung step-through aluminum frame allows easy on/off while the upright riding position and steel fork keep you… [more]

Fuji Women's Sunfire 3.0
Fuji Women's Sunfire 3.0 - 2011

Zipping through town and cruising dirt roads has never been more enjoyable than on Fuji's Sunfire 3.0. Its sleek, step-through frame is made from Fuji's A2-SL aluminum for a light, responsive ride. The suspension fork and seatpost lets you float over the rough stuff for excellent comfort. Plus,… [more]

  Fuji Absolute 2.3 Step-Through - Women's (h15)
Fuji Absolute 2.3 Step-Through - Women's (h15) - 2016

SAVE 15%!!! Whether you’re cruising the urban environs for the perfect espresso, stopping by the market on your way home from work, or enjoying a casual spin around the lake, Fuji’s Absolute 2.3 Step-Through is your new best friend. The light and… [more]

SE Bikes Palisade Step-Through - Women's (h14)
SE Bikes Palisade Step-Through - Women's (h14) - 2016

SAVE 20%!!! SE takes the Sunday ride on the bike path to new and more comfortable heights with the Palisade Step-Through. An upright riding position keeps you rolling along for miles, and with an aluminum step-through frame mated to a suspension fork,… [more]

  Schwinn Women's City Single
Schwinn Women's City Single - 2012

SAVE 20%!!! In order to receive this special price, simply print out this page & bring it into our stores. Schwinn's Women's City Single is ideal for getting around town in stylish simplicity. Its sweet-handling aluminum frame, easy-rolling… [more]

Specialized Myka 650b - Women's (h17)
Specialized Myka 650b - Women's (h17) - 2017

BEST PRICE GUARANTEED SAVE 20%!!! Specialized's Myka is an excellent all-around mountain bike made just for you. Its lightweight aluminum frame is fun to ride and features women's-specific geometry for a… [more]

  Jamis Hudson Easy Step-Thru - Women's (f22)
Jamis Hudson Easy Step-Thru - Women's (f22) - 2016

Take a leisurely spin on Jamis' Hudson Easy Step-Thru and feel like a kid again! It features a light aluminum frame and an upright position that's perfect for family rides and relaxing Sunday cruises. Riding the Hudson is fun for all because you can rest your feet flat on the ground for easy starts… [more]

Fuji Lea 26 1.3 V-Brake - Women's
Fuji Lea 26 1.3 V-Brake - Women's - 2016

Let the Fuji 26 1.3 V-Brake be your ticket to cycling freedom. The lightweight aluminum frame provides a nimble, responsive ride and features Women’s-specific geometry for a back-friendly fit, control, and confidence. The step-through design makes for easy on and off, while the Suntour suspension… [more]

  SE Bikes Tripel Step-Through - Women's (h14)
SE Bikes Tripel Step-Through - Women's (h14) - 2016
$419.99 - $439.99

SAVE 15%!!! Some commutes call for more than just a singlespeed, which is why SE's Tripel features three times as many gearing options in the form of a Shimano 3-speed internal hub. Break away from the stop lights as you push hard on the steel cranks,… [more]

Breezer Uptown EX Low Step - Women's
Breezer Uptown EX Low Step - Women's - 2016

Upgrade to Breezer's Uptown EX Low Step and find out just how fun and enjoyable riding everywhere can be. The nimble-handling aluminum frame has a comfortable upright riding position and a step-through design for easy on/off. Plus, you'll love the easy-shifting 8-speed drivetrain that lets you spin… [more]

  Jamis Helix - Women's (f22)
Jamis Helix - Women's (f22) - 2016

SAVE over 15%!!! Jamis' Helix loves the dirt. Its light aluminum frame delivers effortless handling and efficient pedaling, which makes riding everywhere a joy. For the downhills and trails, the Helix’s 100mm-travel suspension fork soaks up the bumps… [more]

Liv Bliss Lite (h10)
Liv Bliss Lite (h10) - 2017

BEST PRICE GUARANTEED Versatility to explore and equipped to handle anything — embrace paved roads, paths and dirt trails with confidence and style with Liv's Bliss Lite. It could be your first time putting rubber to dirt or heading out in the… [more]

  Liv Flourish FS 1 - Women's
Liv Flourish FS 1 - Women's - 2016

SAVE 15%!!! Liv's Flourish FS is the smart, stylish, and elegant way to get around town. This versatile aluminum frame with a step-through design makes it quick and easy to hop on and off. A SR Suntour suspension fork takes the edge off of rough roads… [more]

Fuji Traverse 1.7 Disc Step-Through - Women's
Fuji Traverse 1.7 Disc Step-Through - Women's - 2016

Fuji's Traverse 1.7 Disc is the perfect mix of road speed and mountain bike control. No matter where you ride, the nimble aluminum frame and fast-rolling 700c wheels get you there with ease, while the suspension fork smooths out any bumps you encounter along the way. Fly up hills with the… [more]

  Fuji Finest 2.5 (h17)
Fuji Finest 2.5 (h17) - 2017
$382.50 - $449.99

Fuji's Finest is a women's road bike designed to enhance comfort and stability. A women's-specific saddle, narrower handlebars, and reach-adjust brake levers all contribute to a better fit, while the tall head tube and short top tube allow a more upright riding position to ensure confidence,… [more]

Jamis Helix Sport - Women's (f22)
Jamis Helix Sport - Women's (f22) - 2016

SAVE 30%!!! Jump into the world of mountain biking or even casual riding with the Jamis Helix Sport. You'll love the snappy-handling, easy-climbing 6061 aluminum frame, which has been thoughtfully shaped for impressive ride quality. The suspension fork… [more]

  Breezer Liberty 6R Step-Through - Women's
Breezer Liberty 6R Step-Through - Women's - 2016

Whether you're looking to reduce your footprint or explore the local greenbelt, you'll enjoy Breezer's Liberty 6R. This silky ride bicycle sports a light, low-step frame that's perfect for everything from fun and fitness riding to commuting and errand running. The Liberty's 700c wheels and… [more]

SE Bikes Monterey 1.0 Step-Through - Women's (h14)
SE Bikes Monterey 1.0 Step-Through - Women's (h14) - 2016

SAVE 20%!!! In your trip from A to B, make the "to" part fast and fun with SE's Monterey 1.0. It has a light aluminum step-through frame mated to a steel fork that takes the edge off road vibration so your commute is smooth and comfortable. It rolls on… [more]

  Schwinn Cream 1 - Women's
Schwinn Cream 1 - Women's - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! Schwinn's Cream 1 is an easy-riding town bike perfect for commuting, errands and plain old fun. With its sweet-handling Schwinn frame and 700c aluminum wheels, this townie will keep you rolling in style. Functional additions like the handy… [more]

201 Results
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