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Fuji Altamira 1.0
Fuji Altamira 1.0 - 2011
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Whether the finish line is in the Pyrenees or just the top of your favorite local climb, Fuji's Altamira 1.0 possesses all the attributes to take you the there in the lead. Made from Fuji's impressive D-6 carbon, the Altamira's highly-shaped tubes lead to a massively oversize BB86 bottom bracket… [more]

  Fuji Altamira 1.0
Fuji Altamira 1.0 - 2012
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Whether the finish line is in the Pyrenees or just at the top of your favorite local climb, Fuji's Altamira 1.0 possesses all the attributes to take you there in the lead. Made from Fuji's impressive D6 carbon, the Altamira's highly-shaped frame and massively oversize BB86 bottom bracket mean… [more]

Fuji SST 3.0
Fuji SST 3.0 - 2012
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Experience the thrill of a pro-level ride every time you hit the road with Fuji's SST 3.0. This carbon beauty is an exceptionally light and efficient road rocket with a silky-smooth ride thanks to Fuji's C4 carbon frame and a carbon-monocoque fork. Inside the tubes are stiffening reinforcements to… [more]

  Fuji Altamira 2.0
Fuji Altamira 2.0 - 2011
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

When you're ready to take the next step to lightweight speed, Fuji's Altamira 2.0 will quench your thirst for progress. Its highly-shaped tubes lead to an oversize BB86 bottom bracket for instantaneous power-transfer. The whispy seatstays provide a smooth and compliant ride that'll have you… [more]

Fuji D-6 3.0
Fuji D-6 3.0 - 2013
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

The list of wins that Fuji's D-6 3.0 has to its credit are impressive and it'll max out your podium and PR-setting potential too. It boasts every aerodynamic trick for free speed, the stiffness and efficiency for awesome power transfer and lets you dial in the ultimate aero riding position. The… [more]

  Fuji Crosstown 3.0
Fuji Crosstown 3.0 - 2012
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Commute to work, pedal to the store, spin around town and have a blast the whole time aboard Fuji's Crosstown 3.0. Fuji's Elios steel frame is light and nimble, and the natural upright riding position offers amazing comfort. Plus, 21 gears are at your fingertips to keep you spinning easily up… [more]

Fuji Captiva
Fuji Captiva - 2014
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Fuji's Captiva is all business, and the business is fun! With its relaxed riding position, wide handlebar and comfy saddle, you'll cruise everywhere in comfort and style. Plus, this sweet bike sports a simple-to-operate, low-maintenance one-speed drivetrain, coaster brake and balloon tires that… [more]

  Fuji SL 2.0
Fuji SL 2.0 - 2011
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Sample the big-time with Fuji's SL 2.0. Fuji's C4 Monocoque Carbon frameset is light and stiff for awesome climbing, quick acceleration and incredible handling. Carbon also mutes road vibrations so you'll ride further and feel fresher. The 2.0 sports Shimano 105 components for smooth shifting and… [more]

Fuji Captiva (i28)
Fuji Captiva (i28) - 2016
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Enjoy your favorite roads, stay fit and have fun on Fuji's Captiva. Fuji's lightweight aluminum frame provides a nimble ride, while the steel fork smooths the road and the easy-rolling aluminum wheels get up to speed with ease. You'll also love the simple one-speed drivetrain and foot brake, while… [more]

  Fuji Nevada 3.0
Fuji Nevada 3.0 - 2011
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Packing a ton of action for not a lot of dough, Fuji's Nevada 3.0 gets you there with a huge smile on your face. Its Fuji A1-SL aluminum frame rides like a dream and it's equipped with 80mm of smooth suspension for added control. You'll ride further and climb higher, too, thanks to the 24-speed… [more]

Fuji Barnebey 7
Fuji Barnebey 7 - 2016
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Fuji's Barnebey 7 is a cruiser built specifically for comfort and easy riding with a lightweight aluminum frame with feet-forward technology and a low center of gravity that allows you to comfortably place your feet on the ground while seated for stable starting and stopping. The bike's lightweight… [more]

  Fuji SL 2.5 (i8)
Fuji SL 2.5 (i8) - 2016

The Fuji SL 2.5 is perfect for those who long for when the roads turns skyward. The featherweight C10 ultra high-modulus carbon frame carries you up steep climbs and down sharp, sinuous descents with confidence. A full-carbon fork featuring a tapered steerer tube adds minimal weight and precise,… [more]

Fuji Transonic 2.3 (i8)
Fuji Transonic 2.3 (i8) - 2016

Space-age aerodynamics and incredible stiffness combine with the Fuji Transonic 2.3. Years of Fuji's aero engineering pay off as their ultra-light, C5 high-modulus carbon frame propels you through the air while providing incredible stiffness and power transfer. A full-carbon, tapered steerer lets… [more]

  Fuji Absolute 2.1 Step-Through - Women's (i8)
Fuji Absolute 2.1 Step-Through - Women's (i8) - 2016

Take the long way home on Fuji's Absolute 2.1 Step-Through. The low, light and nimble aluminum frame makes for easy on/off and has a comfortable upright position so you can ride as long as you want. Whether you’re on hills or rough city streets, the nimble 700c Vera Terra wheels and Shimano’s… [more]

Fuji Traverse 1.5 Disc Step-Through - Womens (i8)
Fuji Traverse 1.5 Disc Step-Through - Womens (i8) - 2016

Explore unknown trails and new roads right from your front door with Fuji's Traverse 1.5 Disc Step-Through. No matter where you ride, the nimble aluminum frame and fast-rolling 700c wheels get you there with ease, while the Suntour suspension fork smooths out any bumps along the way. And, you’ll be… [more]

  Fuji Origami 1.3 (i8)
Fuji Origami 1.3 (i8) - 2016

Whether you’re cruising the streets on your way to work, hopping on the subway, or squeezing into your office cube, the Fuji Origami 1.3 is the perfect fit. This versatile folding bike boasts a lightweight aluminum frame that folds into a compact size in no time for easy transportation, storage and… [more]

Fuji Absolute 1.1 Disc (i8)
Fuji Absolute 1.1 Disc (i8) - 2016

Ride to work, the farmers' market, or take a few laps around the lake—Fuji’s Absolute 1.1 Disc is ready to go! Fuji's custom-butted aluminum frame and road-smoothing carbon fork provide comfort and speed. Nimble Vera Corsa 700c wheels with Vera CityWide tires let you roll further and faster with… [more]

  Fuji Finest 1.3 - Women's
Fuji Finest 1.3 - Women's - 2015

Fuji's Finest 1.3 is the perfect choice for enjoying all your road riding more than ever. You'll love the light, efficient aluminum frame, Fuji's vibration-damping carbon fork and the easy-rolling, lightweight Vera Corsa wheels. Plus, the wide-range Shimano/Oval gearing on this stylish ride makes… [more]

Fuji Girls Sandblaster 1.0
Fuji Girls Sandblaster 1.0 - 2011

Want to create miles of smiles? Give your little one Fuji's easy-riding Sandblaster 1.0! This 20-incher is loaded with trail-taming components, including 7-speed twist shifters, linear-pull brakes and lightweight aluminum wheels, so riding with friends, or parents, is easy and fun. [more]

  Fuji Newest 1.0
Fuji Newest 1.0 - 2011

Getting fit has never been this much fun! Fuji's Newest 1.0 features a light, strong A1-SL aluminum frame and a Fuji carbon fork for a buttery-smooth ride and first-rate acceleration, climbing and cornering. And, you'll keep the speed high thanks to the quick-shifting 27-speed Shimano/FSA… [more]

Fuji D-6 1.0 Matt Reed Signature
Fuji D-6 1.0 Matt Reed Signature - 2011

The USA Nationals, Olympic Trials, Pan American Championships, Miami National, Oceanside 70.3 -- these are just some of many titles Matt Reed has to his credit. And this is his bike, Fuji's D-6 1.0 Matt Reed Signature. Fuji took a fresh approach to building their amazing D-6. The result maximizes… [more]

  Fuji Women's Cape May
Fuji Women's Cape May - 2011

Fuji's Women's Cape May offers a luxuriously comfortable and delightfully fun ride with its natural upright seating position, wide handlebars, cush seat and plush balloon tires. Plus this cool cruiser has aluminum wheels for easier pedaling and a low-maintenance one-speed drivetrain and coaster… [more]

Fuji Women's Supreme 3.0
Fuji Women's Supreme 3.0 - 2011

Comfort and efficiency come together to make every ride more fun with Fuji's sweet Women's Supreme 3.0. Fuji's lightweight D6 carbon frame boasts aerodynamic tube shapes to slice through the wind all while providing a smooth, compliant ride. It's designed just for women, too, so you'll find amazing… [more]

  Fuji Altamira CX 2.0
Fuji Altamira CX 2.0 - 2011

It's almost a shame to cover a bike this pretty in mud. Fuji's Altamira CX 2.0 was built from the ground up as an off-road ready race rig to out-handle, out-accelerate and out-shine everyone else on course. Its C4 carbon frame will absorb nasty terrain and rocket forward with every pedal stroke to… [more]

Fuji Altamira CX 1.0
Fuji Altamira CX 1.0 - 2011

When the the first shaft of morning light hits the glistening mud of an untouched 'cross course and distant drivetrains begin buzzing in the distance, Fuji's Altamira 1.0 is ready to shine. You'll sail over the barriers with this featherweight race rig on your shoulder and it's got serious chops on… [more]

  Fuji Nevada 2.0
Fuji Nevada 2.0 - 2011

Hit the trail in a fun way with Fuji's Nevada 2.0. Its sweet-riding A1-SL aluminum frame makes climbing easy, and the bump-busting SunTour XCT suspension fork with 100mm of travel makes descending even easier. Plus, pedaling over hill and dale is super fun thanks to the 24-speed drivetrain while… [more]

Fuji SLM 4.0
Fuji SLM 4.0 - 2011

From singletrack fun and weekend hammerfests to toeing up at the start line, you'll love Fuji's SLM 4.0. To keep you ahead of the field, or just your riding buds, it features a Fuji C-4 high-modulus carbon frame and a 100mm-travel RockShox Recon fork to take the edge off the hits. Plus, positive,… [more]

  Fuji Roubaix 2.0
Fuji Roubaix 2.0 - 2011

Fuji's Roubaix 2.0 is their entry-level race bike at a nice price. It boasts Fuji's lightweight A2-SL custom-butted aluminum frame and a carbon fork for awesome acceleration, climbing and handling. It's also been tuned to provide ample compliance for a velvety-smooth ride, too. Equally impressive… [more]

Fuji Track LTD Frameset
Fuji Track LTD Frameset - 2011

Give yourself every advantage with Fuji's Track LTD Frameset. With a long history in track racing, Fuji has been the first choice of Olympians and World Champions. They even built one of the 1st Keirin racing frames in Japan. All this history has lead Fuji to create the Track LTD. This full carbon… [more]

  Fuji Women's Supreme 1.0
Fuji Women's Supreme 1.0 - 2011

For a supreme ride that bolts forward when you turn the pedals, carves corners with precision and does it all in refined comfort, Fuji's Women's Supreme 1.0 is the steed you need. Fuji's lightweight D6 carbon frame boasts aerodynamic tubes to slice through the wind all while providing a smooth,… [more]

401 Results
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