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Fuji Crosstown 3.0
Fuji Crosstown 3.0 - 2012
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Commute to work, pedal to the store, spin around town and have a blast the whole time aboard Fuji's Crosstown 3.0. Fuji's Elios steel frame is light and nimble, and the natural upright riding position offers amazing comfort. Plus, 21 gears are at your fingertips to keep you spinning easily up… [more]

  Fuji Captiva (h16)
Fuji Captiva (h16) - 2016
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Enjoy your favorite roads, stay fit and have fun on Fuji's Captiva. Fuji's lightweight aluminum frame provides a nimble ride, while the steel fork smooths the road and the easy-rolling aluminum wheels get up to speed with ease. You'll also love the simple one-speed drivetrain and foot brake, while… [more]

Fuji Barnebey 7
Fuji Barnebey 7 - 2017
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Fuji's Barnebey 7 is a cruiser built specifically for comfort and easy riding with a lightweight aluminum frame with feet-forward technology and a low center of gravity that allows you to comfortably place your feet on the ground while seated for stable starting and stopping. The bike's lightweight… [more]

  Fuji Track LTD Frameset
Fuji Track LTD Frameset - 2011

Give yourself every advantage with Fuji's Track LTD Frameset. With a long history in track racing, Fuji has been the first choice of Olympians and World Champions. They even built one of the 1st Keirin racing frames in Japan. All this history has lead Fuji to create the Track LTD. This full carbon… [more]

Fuji Altamira 1.0 Di2 DA
Fuji Altamira 1.0 Di2 DA - 2012

Whether the finish line is in the Pyrenees or just at the top of your favorite local climb, Fuji's Altamira 1.0 possesses all the attributes to take you there in the lead. Made from Fuji's impressive D6 carbon, the Altamira's highly-shaped frame and massively oversize BB86 bottom bracket mean… [more]

  Fuji Cross 1.1
Fuji Cross 1.1 - 2015

Fuji’s Cross 1.1 will level the playing field, particularly if that field is full of barriers, sand pits, and steep run-ups. Its stiff, lightweight A6-SL aluminum frame rocks an oversize BB86 bottom bracket for efficient power transfer and a shaped top tube for quick, comfortable shouldering. The… [more]

Fuji D-6 Special Edition Frameset
Fuji D-6 Special Edition Frameset - 2012

Fuji's D-6 is Olympian Matt Reed's frameset so you know it's one amazing ride and the ideal choice for building your dream bike. It boasts every aerodynamic trick for free speed and the stiffness and efficiency for awesome power transfer. The D-6's massive bottom bracket area, integrated seatmast… [more]

  Fuji Tahoe 29 1.5
Fuji Tahoe 29 1.5 - 2013

Take to the trails in big-wheeled style aboard Fuji's Tahoe 29 1.5. Fuji's rugged aluminum frame offers stable geometry and XC-worthy compliance while the RockShox Recon fork provides 100mm of bump-absorbing travel. The Tahoe comes spec'd with a 30-speed Shimano Deore/XT drivetrain and Hayes disc… [more]

Fuji Nevada 2.1
Fuji Nevada 2.1 - 2013

Fuji's Nevada 2.1 is a great all-around mountain bike with a smooth ride on or off the trail. The comfortable steel frame has an upright position that will keep you riding for hours. Add to that the bump-busting suspension fork and quick-rolling wheels, and you can roll through town or down the… [more]

  Fuji SLM 29 2.3
Fuji SLM 29 2.3 - 2014

Marathon races, short track events and post-work rides are all faster on Fuji's SLM 29 2.3. To keep you ahead of the field, or just your riding buds, it features a lightweight Fuji C10 carbon frame and a 100mm-travel Manitou Marvel fork to take the edge off rough trails. Plus, crisp shifting is… [more]

Fuji Dynamite 20
Fuji Dynamite 20 - 2017

Whether it's dirt trails or the pavement to school, the Dynamite 20 does it all. An aluminum frame and Zoom suspension fork offer a blend of comfort and performance your child will love. 20-inch wheels and a list of quality components will keep them confidently exploring. [more]

  Fuji Women's Supreme 3.0
Fuji Women's Supreme 3.0 - 2011

Comfort and efficiency come together to make every ride more fun with Fuji's sweet Women's Supreme 3.0. Fuji's lightweight D6 carbon frame boasts aerodynamic tube shapes to slice through the wind all while providing a smooth, compliant ride. It's designed just for women, too, so you'll find amazing… [more]

Fuji Women's Supreme 1.0
Fuji Women's Supreme 1.0 - 2011

For a supreme ride that bolts forward when you turn the pedals, carves corners with precision and does it all in refined comfort, Fuji's Women's Supreme 1.0 is the steed you need. Fuji's lightweight D6 carbon frame boasts aerodynamic tubes to slice through the wind all while providing a smooth,… [more]

  Fuji Aloha 1.1
Fuji Aloha 1.1 - 2015

Say aloha to new personal bests and goodbye to your competition with Fuji's Aloha 1.1. This triathlon and time-trial rocket sports blade-like tubing made from Fuji's custom-butted A-6 aluminum. Together with the aero carbon fork, you'll cheat the wind and have a stiff platform for launching your… [more]

Fuji Women's Sunfire 3.0
Fuji Women's Sunfire 3.0 - 2011

Zipping through town and cruising dirt roads has never been more enjoyable than on Fuji's Sunfire 3.0. Its sleek, step-through frame is made from Fuji's A2-SL aluminum for a light, responsive ride. The suspension fork and seatpost lets you float over the rough stuff for excellent comfort. Plus,… [more]

  Fuji Silhouette 1.3 Disc - Women's (h16)
Fuji Silhouette 1.3 Disc - Women's (h16) - 2016

Fuji's Silhouette 1.3 Disc is the perfect excuse to shrug off your daily routine and explore new roads, get fit and enjoy the fun of riding. For pedaling efficiency, great handling and comfort, you get Fuji's custom-butted aluminum frame with a vibration-damping carbon fork. For a perfect fit for… [more]

Fuji Cape May ST - Women's (h15)
Fuji Cape May ST - Women's (h15) - 2016

Fuji's Cape May ST is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy some fun. Fuji's lightweight aluminum frame and the aluminum wheels on wide tires make every ride easy. And the Cape May boasts a natural upright riding position for comfort and premium scenic viewing. You'll enjoy the easy on/off low… [more]

  Fuji Silhouette 1.7 Disc-Women's (h16)
Fuji Silhouette 1.7 Disc-Women's (h16) - 2016

SAVE over 15%!!! Relive that childhood feeling of freedom when you hop on Fuji’s Silhouette 1.7 Disc. Lightweight, quick, and comfortable, the women’s aluminum frame and fork turn your commutes and fitness rides into fun opportunities to explore and… [more]

Fuji Barnebey 3 (h15)
Fuji Barnebey 3 (h15) - 2016

SAVE 15%!!! For relaxed trips to the store, getting in shape in style or heading out to navigate the urban grid, Fuji's Barnebey 3 is the perfect choice. The lightweight aluminum frame boasts feet-forward technology allowing you to comfortably place… [more]

  Fuji Traverse 1.3 Disc (h16)
Fuji Traverse 1.3 Disc (h16) - 2016

From rails-to-trails to your daily commute through the city, Fuji's Traverse 1.3 Disc has you covered. No matter where you ride, the nimble aluminum frame and fast-rolling 700c wheels get you there with ease; while the Suntour suspension fork smooths out any bumps along the way and features a… [more]

Fuji Absolute 2.3 Step-Through - Women's (h15)
Fuji Absolute 2.3 Step-Through - Women's (h15) - 2016

SAVE 15%!!! Whether you’re cruising the urban environs for the perfect espresso, stopping by the market on your way home from work, or enjoying a casual spin around the lake, Fuji’s Absolute 2.3 Step-Through is your new best friend. The light and… [more]

  Fuji Track Pro (h16)
Fuji Track Pro (h16) - 2016

Whether coming around your opponents on the banked turns during your sprint to the finish or grinding your way through a pursuit, Fuji's Track Pro fulfills that need for speed. The heart and soul of this speed machine is the aero-shaped aluminum tubing with a hydroformed top tube and aggressive… [more]

Fuji Origami 1.3 (h16)
Fuji Origami 1.3 (h16) - 2016

BEST PRICE GUARANTEED SAVE 15%!!! Whether you’re cruising the streets on your way to work, hopping on the subway, or squeezing into your office cube, the Fuji Origami 1.3 is the perfect fit. This… [more]

  Fuji Cross 1.1 (h15)
Fuji Cross 1.1 (h15) - 2016

SAVE over 15%!!! Hunt down your competition on the race course or spend a day exploring an unknown network of gravel roads on the Fuji Cross 1.1. The light, stiff A6-SL aluminum frame sports an oversized BB86 bottom bracket shell for superior power… [more]

Fuji Transonic 2.7 (h16)
Fuji Transonic 2.7 (h16) - 2016
$1,350.00 - $1,530.00

SAVE 15%!!! Whether you are cheating the wind on your morning workout or slipping into a breakaway during a race, enjoy superior aerodynamics with Fui’s Transonic 2.7. Years of Fuji's aero engineering pay off as their ultra-light, C5 high-modulus carbon… [more]

  Fuji Norcom Straight 2.5 (h16)
Fuji Norcom Straight 2.5 (h16) - 2016

SAVE 20%!!! Experience the advantage of superior aerodynamics as you cruise along tree-lined roads between remote towns while training for the upcoming race against the clock with Fuji’s Norcom Straight 2.5. The wind-tunnel tested, incredibly stiff… [more]

Fuji SL 2.5 (h16)
Fuji SL 2.5 (h16) - 2016

The Fuji SL 2.5 is perfect for those who long for when the roads turns skyward. The featherweight C10 ultra high-modulus carbon frame carries you up steep climbs and down sharp, sinuous descents with confidence. A full-carbon fork featuring a tapered steerer tube adds minimal weight and precise,… [more]

  Fuji Gran Fondo 2.3 Disc (h16)
Fuji Gran Fondo 2.3 Disc (h16) - 2016

Fuji’s Gran Fondo 2.3 Disc delivers unmatched ride quality, comfort and quickness. The frame and fork are constructed from C5 high-modulus carbon featuring Fuji’s exclusive vibration reducing VRTech that soaks up the bumps and grooves for a buttery smooth ride. The FC-440 carbon fork and extended… [more]

Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc (h16)
Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc (h16) - 2016

The Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc is equally at home diving in and out of corners on a sinuous switchback as it is keeping you comfortable during a leisurely cruise with friends. A snappy high-modulus carbon frame proudly features Fuji’s vibration reducing VRTech technology that damps the bumps and… [more]

  Fuji Cambridge (h16)
Fuji Cambridge (h16)

The Cambridge is part of the Nichibei Collection by Fuji. It is a retro-inspired steel bikes that pay tribute to Fuji's Japanese-American heritage, as well as its long history making quality bicycles. Fuji's Cambridge has the look and feel of a classic cruiser bike while being perfectly at home… [more]

249 Results
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