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260 Results
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Cannondale Quick CX 1
Cannondale Quick CX 1 - 2014
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

SAVE 30%!!! Do you ever wonder where that dirt road goes? Cannondale's Quick CX 1 does too. For every adventure, it's sports a lightweight aluminum frame and quick 700c wheels to make pedaling fast, fun and easy. The 50mm-travel HeadShok suspension… [more]

  Cannondale Scalpel 29 4
Cannondale Scalpel 29 4 - 2015

SAVE 30%!!! In order to receive this special price, simply print out this page & bring it into our stores. Carve out your place on the podium with Cannondale's Scalpel 29 4! Cannondale super stiff and efficient SmartFormed aluminum frame,… [more]

Cannondale Synapse Disc 5 105  - Women's
Cannondale Synapse Disc 5 105 - Women's - 2014

SAVE 30%!!! Enjoy the relaxed positioning of Cannondale's Women's Synapse 5 105 while exploring backroads and scenic paths. You'll love the lively feel of the lightweight aluminum frame with vibration-damping SAVE PLUS stays and the smooth carbon… [more]

  Schwinn Debutante - Women's
Schwinn Debutante - Women's - 2012

SAVE 35%!!! Always stylish, always comfortable, Schwinn's Debutante is one luxurious ride. Its aluminum frame is light for easy riding and nimble handling and its wide balloon tires float down the road. You'll also love the 3-speed drivetrain that helps… [more]

Schwinn Searcher 4
Schwinn Searcher 4 - 2015
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

SAVE 35%!!! Schwinn's Searcher 4 is ready for relaxing rides down the bike path, zipping through the city, and commuting to work. Its lightweight aluminum frame gets up to speed with ease, and the bump-busting Suntour suspension fork smooths rough… [more]

  Specialized Allez DSW Sprint X1 Expert
Specialized Allez DSW Sprint X1 Expert - 2016

SAVE 35%!!! Specialized’s Allez DSW Sprint X1 Expert shrugs off convention and leaves you with a crit-dominating, lunch ride-crushing road machine that takes no prisoners and shows no mercy when the speed ratchets up. With D'Alusio Smartweld Technology,… [more]

Specialized Sirrus Comp Carbon
Specialized Sirrus Comp Carbon - 2016

SAVE 25%!!! Specialized's Sirrus Comp Carbon gives you the quick, responsive ride experience of a high-end race bike with a comfortable, luxurious ride quality for relaxing cruises around town. A FACT 9r carbon frame and fork deliver a bike that just… [more]

  Specialized Turbo X
Specialized Turbo X - 2015

Demo/Floor Model - Save 35%. Save 35% on instock, floor model. Must be purchased in store (shipping is not available). Specialized's Turbo X combines speed and style through an innovative electric-assist motor, advanced electronics, and… [more]

Giant Youth Grips
Giant Youth Grips

The Youth Grips are a great way to spruce up Junior's ride. They look great and are soft and comfortable too. [more]

  Greenfield Kickstand (Powdercoat Black) (305mm)
Greenfield Kickstand (Powdercoat Black) (305mm)

Greenfield's Kickstand attaches quickly and easily to most bicycles and provides a safe and convenient way to park your bikes at home and on the road and trail. It's also durable, light and nice looking. Plus, it's made of a special non-corrosive aluminum and is built to last. You'll want one on… [more]

CamelBak Antidote Reservoir (100-Ounce)
CamelBak Antidote Reservoir (100-Ounce)

CamelBak's Antidote Reservoir ensures easy hydration. Its polyurethane reservoir features laser-welded seams for incredible strength with minimal weight. A wide mouth-opening makes filling, cleaning, and adding ice simple, while the quarter-turn cap seals with a click and re-opens effortlessly. An… [more]

  Haro Z20
Haro Z20 - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! With full-sized 20-inch wheels, Haro's Z20 is the perfect beginners ride or stepping stone to a full-featured adult's bike. It features grippy 20-inch tires, a low, confidence-building standover height, and a simple, tough-as-nails one-speed… [more]

Schwinn Starlet
Schwinn Starlet - 2014

SAVE 30%!!! [more]

  GT Slammer
GT Slammer - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (8 Reviews)

SAVE 25%!!! The line between dirt and freestyle is blurred these days. When you need a bike that does it all, mount up on GT's Slammer. It starts with a tough steel frame and fork, 3/8-inch axles, and 3-piece cranks so it can handle ramps, ledges, and… [more]

SE Bikes Wildman
SE Bikes Wildman - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! Jump with confidence knowing SE's Wildman is underneath you. Its sweet steel frame rocks fat 5mm dropouts and its stout fork is ready for daylong park sessions and jump jams. The 36-spoke wheels with tough axles let you pump transitions and… [more]

  SE Bikes Everyday
SE Bikes Everyday - 2012

SAVE 35%!!! SE Racing's Everyday will have you canceling all your plans to go ride. Its sweet steel frame rocks fat 6mm dropouts and its stout fork is ready for daylong park sessions and jump jams. The 36-spoke wheels with tough axles let you… [more]

Specialized P.20 Grom
Specialized P.20 Grom - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! Specialized's P.20 Grom is ready for young riders taking their riding to the next level. Made from hi-tensile steel, the P.20 takes the abuse of park riding, dirt jumping and street antics like few others. Burly 36-spoke wheels with a hollow… [more]

  Schwinn Coffee 2 (b22)
Schwinn Coffee 2 (b22) - 2015

SAVE over 45%!!! Schwinn's Coffee 2 is an easy-riding town bike perfect for commuting, errands, and plain old fun. With its sweet-handling steel frame and 700c aluminum wheels, this townie will keep you rolling in style. The handy rear rack and… [more]

Fuji Barnebey 1
Fuji Barnebey 1 - 2014

SAVE 30%!!! Sit back and enjoy the ride while you're rolling on Fuji's laid back cruiser, the Barnebey 1. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground when you need to stop thanks to the low standover clearance, and stay stable while you're riding… [more]

  Schwinn Voyageur 1 Commute (b22)
Schwinn Voyageur 1 Commute (b22) - 2015

SAVE 45%!!! Schwinn's Voyageur 1 Commute is the perfect choice for getting to work in style, errand running around town and weekend spins through the park. Its light, nimble-handling aluminum frame boasts a comfortable upright riding position so you can… [more]

Schwinn Slik Chik - Women's
Schwinn Slik Chik - Women's - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! Schwinn's Slik Chik cruiser blends a modern look, amazing comfort, and simplicity to bring you a relaxing, fun ride. Its light, aluminum step-thru frame and easy-rolling balloon tires make navigating the streets a breeze, while the one-speed… [more]

  Schwinn Streamliner 2 (b22)
Schwinn Streamliner 2 (b22) - 2016

SAVE 25%!!! Schwinn's Streamliner 2 is perfect for cruising around the countryside and getting around town in style. Its light and nimble-handling aluminum frame boasts a relaxed upright riding position you'll love. You also get lightweight aluminum… [more]

Jamis Commuter 1
Jamis Commuter 1 - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

SAVE 25%!!! Whether you're cruising around town, enjoying the countryside or spinning to work in a healthy, affordable way, Jamis' Commuter 1 is the bike that can do it all. The sturdy steel frame and fork ride confidently and smoothly to damp road… [more]

  Fuji Track
Fuji Track - 2015
$337.50 - $449.99

SAVE 25%!!! Whether used on a velodrome or as a cool, simple bike for zipping around town, Fuji's Track is irresistible. Its custom-butted Fuji chromoly frameset is light, lively, and built to last. And, with a sweet blend of lightweight Fuji… [more]

Schwinn Streamliner 1 (b22)
Schwinn Streamliner 1 (b22) - 2016

SAVE 30%!!! Schwinn's Streamliner 1 is a bike path cruiser perfect for fun, fitness, and transportation. Its light and nimble-handling aluminum frame boasts a relaxed, upright riding position you'll love. Plus, you get 26-inch wheels and wide tires for… [more]

  Giant Via 2 (b2)
Giant Via 2 (b2) - 2015
Product Rating
2.5 stars
 (3 Reviews)

SAVE 30%!!! A modern twist on the classic, stylish town bike, Giant's Via 2 carries you through the streets with ease. The tough, sleek chromoly frame sits you upright so you can view traffic easily and features an integrated U-lock holder for when you… [more]

Schwinn Hornet
Schwinn Hornet - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

SAVE 25%!!! Fun, stylish, and comfortable—it's no wonder Schwinn's Hornet has been a favorite for years. Its aluminum frame is light for easy riding and nimble handling, while its light aluminum wheels get up to speed fast and the wide balloon… [more]

  Jamis Commuter 2
Jamis Commuter 2 - 2015

SAVE 25%!!! Get out of the busy gas station and get on Jamis' Commuter 2. Its 6061-aluminum frame and steel fork offer a quick, lively ride. The SRAM 8-speed drivetrain shifts like a dream, giving you the gears for any terrain. Smooth-rolling, road… [more]

Specialized Ariel - Women's
Specialized Ariel - Women's - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (7 Reviews)

SAVE 25%!!! On the roads or paths, Specialized's Ariel is built for fun. It pedals great on pavement and dirt thanks to its sweet-handling Specialized A1 Premium aluminum frame, bump-bustin' SR Suntour suspension fork and easy-rolling, road bike size… [more]

  Specialized Globe Work 2 Step-Thru
Specialized Globe Work 2 Step-Thru - 2014

SAVE 30%!!! [more]

260 Results
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